Our vision at Fount is building a platform that allows you to benefit from the aggregated knowledge from curious people - experts, amateurs, autodidacts, polymaths and many more - from all around the world. A platform to save your insights from across the web in a simple and seamless manner, to (re-)discover your own insights and those of others, and, most importantly, to connect them and thereby create new and unique knowledge that then can be shared and built upon with others. It's a place of serendipity, for you to follow your curiosity wherever it might lead you.

So let's play.

The Secret Masterplan

This is what we are planning to do - build something users love. This includes:

  • Build a way for users to fill the app with insights they love.

  • Enable users to connect insights in exciting ways.

  • Help users rediscover & explore their own and everybody else's insights.

  • Turn users into curators.

  • Repeat.

Curious about where this is going? Tag along.


Maximilian Steuck
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